Crazy Women’s Soccer Finals As US Scores 4 Goals In The First 20 Minutes

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Ultimately, the US won 5-2 against Japan in a lop-sided game.  Highlights here. One would hope this would generate an interest in women’s team sports, but I highly doubt it.  But The US Women’s World Cup match on Sunday was the most-watched soccer game in the history of the United States. According to the NYT article linked above, more Americans watched … Read More

Laura Bassett Pulls A Bill Buckner

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There’s not good video of this because of copyright blah blah blah; this Vine will have to do. England’s Women’s World Cup dream concluded in the cruellest fashion with England defender Laura Bassett’s stoppage time own goal.  Bassett was in tears after slicing an intended clearance into her own net.  England had been holding their own against a very strong and … Read More

The Verdict On Deflategate

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More than three months after the country was engrossed in an NFL scandal involving the New England Patriots and a bag full of allegedly underinflated footballs, America gets to experience the thrills of Deflategate all over again. Yesterday, the league released the investigation report by Ted Wells, of the law firm Paul, Weiss. It concludes, in careful language, that “it is … Read More

Red Sox Preview

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The Red Sox entered the 2014 season as the defending champions, having won the 2013 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, but quickly returned to their mediocre ways of 2012, finishing last in the American League East. They became the first MLB team to finish last in one season, win the World Series the next, and finish last again … Read More


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From the Boston Globe, February 24, 2013: It’s hard to get excited about these Red Sox FORT MYERS, Fla. — The air is warm and fresh. Everybody is in a good mood. Players in the clubhouse are especially relaxed. No one is looking for snitches or rolling their eyes at the mention of the new manager. There were not a … Read More

Will The Red Sox Win The World Series?

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The 109th World Series, starting tonight in Boston, pits the 97-win Red Sox against the 97-win St. Louis Cardinals, the first time since 1999 each league is represented by teams with its best records. It should be one for the books. The oddsmakers favor the Red Sox, but not by much. Each team has its strengths and weaknesses.  Boston steals … Read More

The Strangest Sentence Ever Written About The Whole Government Shutdown Thing

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Say what, Politico? President Barack Obama may get the clean debt limit extension he’s been demanding, but it wouldn’t be a clean victory. By adopting the House GOP plan to raise the debt ceiling, Obama would avoid a potentially crippling blow to the economy and, in the White House’s view, finally break Republicans of their habit of seeking concessions each … Read More

FCC Gives David Ortiz A Pass

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During the nationally broadcast pre-game ceremonies last week — the one where the Boston Red Sox had their first home game following the Boston Marathon bombing — Red Sox player David Ortiz took to the microphone and spoke from the heart, uttering these words: “This is our fucking city, and nobody’s going to dictate our freedom.” Now remember, the Second … Read More