Quick Red Sox Thoughts

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Well, I TIVOed the opener, and fast-forwarded through it.   Nice little win out in Texas. I’m a little more optimistic than before.  Looks like this Crisp kid is going to fill Damon’s shoes just fine.  Papi brought it, which is good.  And it looks like Schilling is showing no signs of slowing down.  117 pitches, and still pitching 94 mph … Read More

Let The Games Begin

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APRIL 3RD, 2006 – 2:05 PM Boston Red Sox Texas Rangers Curt Schilling (0-0, 0.00) Kevin Millwood (0-0, 0.00) LINEUP:Coco Crisp – CFMark Loretta – 2BDavid Ortiz – DHManny Ramirez – LFTrot Nixon – RFJason Varitek – CMike Lowell – 3BKevin Youkilis – 1BAlex Gonzalez – SS LINEUP:Brad Wilkerson – LFMichael Young – SSMark Teixeira – 1BPhil Nevin – DHHank … Read More

Damon Sez Goodbye

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Johnny Damon takes out a full-page ad in the Boston Globe (replicated here) to say goodbye and thanks to the Red Sox fans.  Nice touch, and he didn’t have to do it. However, Matt Rivers at Over The Monster, the Red Sox blog, aren’t not moved: My thoughts on the ad? Allow me to speak directly to the former center … Read More

Edgar Renteria Traded To Braves

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That leaves the Red Sox without a shortstop. TEN REASONS WHY THE RED SOX SHOULD MAKE ME THEIR SHORTSTOP: (10)  I’ll play for "almost nothing", which in professional baseball terms means five times as much as I make now.  And I won’t ask for any raises.  Promise. (9)  My lack of shortstop experience will lull the opposing teams into a … Read More

Whither Damon?

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I’m no armchair general office guy, but it seems to me that Johnny Damon has been the key to Red Sox success.  At the top of the lineup, he gets on base, and that helps when the #3 and #4 slots come in.  He may be more important that Manny or Ortiz (although, of course, not both of them combined). … Read More

It’s Over

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Let’s put a happy face on this.  From the Red Sox Blog: Last year does make this year a bit more bearable. It’s not because we’re all still riding the high of a World Series victory though. Take a good listen. You hear that? That’s the sound of no one bringing up some asinine curse. It’s the sound of no … Read More

“Potentially Catastrophic”

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Those are the words being used to describe Rita, the "monster" Category 5 hurricane heading toward Texas. Of course, it also applies to this situation: American League Eastern Division W L Pct GB Home Road Streak New York 88 63 .583 – 50-27 38-36 Won 3 Boston 88 64 .579 0.5 50-24 38-40 Lost 1 Toronto 74 77 .490 14.0 … Read More

Good Karma, Curt

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From the Boston Globe: Last autumn, Curt Schilling helped the Red Sox win it all. Now, he and his wife, Shonda, are helping a New Orleans family of nine who have lost almost everything. Moved by the plight of thousands of Gulf Coast residents whose lives were shattered by Hurricane Katrina, the star pitcher and his wife arranged to fly … Read More