David Joy Gets Good Press

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Geez. Best quote: Jokes Lawson: “Truth be told, he owes all of his success to me, and the rest is history.” Joy plays right along. “It’s true,” he says. “I’m Jamie’s bitch. He works me like a slave driver and I keep coming back for more. I’m a prison bitch.”

The Shoot

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I didn't know what was going on. I knew I had been cast in a very small part in "Hellphone", being shot in Madison, NC.  My original part was one line, spoken into a phone, and then I die.  But a scheduling conflict preventing that from happening.  But they put into another part.  I just had no idea what part, … Read More

Where Am I?

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Confirmation hearings, the economy still in the tank, and we're STILL learning more about the arrogant law-breaking colossal fuck-up that was the Bush Administration.  Er, the Cheney Administration. And yet, I'm AWOL.  Not that I don't care.  I just have a lot on my plate.  Sigh.

I Dream Of Geneology

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I’ve been getting into tracing my heritage and, with a few hours to kill last night (that could have been put to better use, but what the hell), I built up on some basic research I had started about a year ago. I decided to climb up my family tree, and go out on the branch marked “Mother”.  This was … Read More

New York Update

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Well, the shows are done.  Audiences seemed to like it, although almost everyone who attended was a friend or family member of someone in the cast…. so that doesn't count. After-show outings were entertaining: HGTV's Libby Langdon ("Small Space, Big Style") took us to a nice restaurant for which she had interior designed (Libby is the daughter of cast member … Read More

Big Media Me

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Interview/promo on Fox 8 went well this morning, I thought.  I'll try to have a viideo (or link) up soon.  I'm not sure if Fox 8 will put up the clip.  Their website seems obsessed with the strawberry pie segment of the Morning Show which immediately preceded us.

Sometimes I Worry About My Friends

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Someone very near and dear to me is in love with Ben Linus, the charactor on Lost.  Mind you – not in love with Michael Emerson, the actor who portrays Ben Linus, but Ben Linus. Ben Linus, who is not only a murderer, but a fictional murderer at that. I'm going to watch my back around her…. But seriously, Lost is … Read More

An Open Letter To Freida Pinto

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Dear Freida, Loved you in Slumdog.  I read here that you don't have an Oscar date. I just wanted you to know I'm not doing anything this coming Sunday evening.  Leave a comment to this post so I know how to contact you.  Or email. Yours, Ken

Broadway Bound?

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Who would have thunk it? I might be making my Broadway debut in May. No kidding. I workshopped a show at Open Space Theatre last year — an original play called "The Nebula of Georgia".  And now it's going to be staged (with the original cast, as best as possible) at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre on May 20, 21, 22. Okay, … Read More