Still Busy

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If anyone is interested about my Costa Rica trip, it is more or less being serialized here.  Even though we were together most of the time, my ex-girlfriend's account pretty much purges all traces of my existence, Soviet-style*.  That's fine – you can substitute most of the "I"s with "we"s, and it's still fairly accurate. * She just chose to do … Read More

The Review Is In….

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From the Winston-Salem Journal: Play is good-hearted fun By LYNN FELDER "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel," which opened Friday night at Twin City Stage, follows the misadventures of a couple of good old boys who think they've shot an angel and a tabloid journalist from "up North" as they search for meaning and redemption in an Alabama swamp. Along the way, … Read More

Site Notes

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Yes, I know my blogging is sporadic. Yes, I know I missed writing about the State of the Union, this blog's seventh anniversary, and the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. Lot of things going on right now, and free time is at a premium. Hope to get back to a "normal" blogging routine soon.

The Reviews Are In

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Can't complain at all: Play is about love, marriage and gender change By LYNN FELDER Published: January 08, 2011 Ideas about love, marriage and gender mutability combusted on the Theatre Alliance stage Friday night in the hands of an outstanding cast and capable directing by Artistic Director Jamie Lawson. "Looking for Normal" by Jane Anderson tells the story of Roy, … Read More

Movie Premiere

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Well, my movie premiers tonight, and when I say "my" movie, I mean (of course) the movie in which I may make a brief appearance assuming that I don't end up on the cutting room floor. It's called "Hellphone" and the premiere takes place at the Carousel Theatre on Battleground Avenue at 6:30pm in Greensboro, with the film commencing at … Read More

My Girlfriend Scares Me

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She's on this kick of doing things she's never done…. Like going to a firing range and shooting a gun….. Now I don't know if she's any good…. But she be the toughest-looking gal in the hood. UPDATE –   This brings up a West Wing classic, where CJ (Alison Janey) goes to the FBI to use their gym, and discovers they … Read More

World Premiere

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The movie I'm in (or perhaps "of which I am on the cutting floor") premieres next month. Blurb:  When people start dying in a small southern town, it’s up to the deputysheriff, her ex-fiancée, and her current boyfriend to figure out what ishappening. Little do they suspect that a vengeful spirit has possessed acell phone and is the cause of … Read More

The Reviews Are In

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From the Winston-Salem Journal: Leigh Somerville McMillan  SPECIAL TO THE JOURNAL   Published: August 1, 2010  The Theatre Alliance audience returned home after Friday's opening night performance with quite a catch. King Mackerel & The Blues Are Running: Songs and Stories of the Carolina Coast delivered exactly what was promised: a vacation.  And, like most vacations, we didn't want it to … Read More

Rites of Passage

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I had my first encounter with actual moonshine last night, distilled (or so I was told) by the late and legendary "Popcorn" Sutton. I'm not the kind to cotton to such things, but there I was, on some abandoned railroad tracks with a steel guitar player and a banjo player and a bunch of others.  (The railroad tracks were behind the theater where … Read More

In Which I Get Caught Up In Some Illegal Activity

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Okay, all you Seventh Sense readers (both of you).  I'm in the midst of a mystery/enigma/scam, so please weigh in with your thoughts. Last night I received a call from what sounded like an Hispanic teenage girl.  The first words out of her mouth were, "Who is this?" I said, "I'm Ken.  Who is this?" She said, "I'm Gina.  Why … Read More

Hellphone Teaser

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The funny thing is…. the guy at the beginning of the trailer?  That was originally going to be my part, but due to scheduling issues, it went to someone else.  I got a different scene. This is going to be a fun little movie.