Squirrels Still After Us

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Just because I don’t write about squirrels as much as I used to, doesn’t mean I have forgotten about them and their nefarious plans to take over the world. Fortunately, the Washington Post is also keeping tabs on these furry rats, noting a map from a website which shows all the electrical outages caused by squirrels since 1987: It should … Read More

Giving Tuesday 2015

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Giving Tuesday follows Cyber Monday, which is such a 1990s name, by the way.  Who uses the word “cyber” anymore to describe Internet transactions? Anyway, Giving Tuesday is the only designated day of the three (the third being Black Friday) which is truly in the spirit of the season. Last year, Black Friday sales were down, but Giving Tuesday had a … Read More

40 Years Ago Today — Game 6: Red Sox v Reds

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It’s arguably the best major league baseball game ever played, and it was played 40 years ago today.  The Reds-Red Sox rivalry revived national interest in the national pasttime.  And when you look back at all the hall-of-famers playing — Johnny Bench, Pete Rose (okay, not a hall of famer, but….), Carl Yastremski, Fred Lynn,. Luis Tiante, Carlton Fisk…. Boston’s Carlton … Read More

What The Hell Is Going On At The London Zoo?

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First sentence of an AP story: LONDON (AP) — A former meerkat expert at London Zoo has been ordered to pay compensation to a monkey handler she attacked with a wine glass in a love spat over a llama-keeper. Yes.  Another meerkat-expert-loves-monkey-handler, meerkat-expert-loses-monkey-handler love story.

Stop It Everybody!

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I am getting a little frustrated with the issue-hijacking every time there is a national tragedy, particularly mass shootings.  Whatever is in the news, people dovetail their own pet issues onto it. No, Catholic League.  The Oregon shooting does not reinforce your argument that the world is anti-Christian. No, right wing nutjobs. The Oregon shooting does not reinforce your argument the … Read More

His Parents Must Be So Proud

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I’m not a fan of the public shaming of private people, but this is going viral.  And with good reason. A drunk kid from the University of Connecticut staged a coup for some bacon jalapeño mac & cheese, and inadvertently revealed himself to be the worst person ever. He came to the university dining hall really drunk, in search of that spicy porky mac. He … Read More

Miss America Pageant Notes

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There was a time when beauty pageants made the occasional appearance on this blog, but I think it has been a few years. Anyway, I watched the spectacle last night (as well as the US Open Final) and I have this to say: It is increasingly difficult in this day and age to see this as an enlightened and forward-thinking … Read More

The Brady Decision and Deflategate

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The decision says that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could not act as an impartial arbitrator.  You THINK?!?  He also says no NFL policy says players can be disciplined and suspended for awareness of others’ misconduct. Footnote: On Twitter, the hashtag #DoYourJob relates to Kim Davis, the Kentucky law clerk who refuses to license same-sex marriages.  But with the Brady news, … Read More