His Parents Must Be So Proud

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I’m not a fan of the public shaming of private people, but this is going viral.  And with good reason.

A drunk kid from the University of Connecticut staged a coup for some bacon jalapeño mac & cheese, and inadvertently revealed himself to be the worst person ever. He came to the university dining hall really drunk, in search of that spicy porky mac. He was asked to leave by the management because he was 1) really drunk, 2) drinking in a place where you’re not allowed to drink, and 3) underage drinking. He refused to leave without his mac & cheese, at which point someone began filming his altercation with the management.

After repeatedly yelling, getting physical multiple times, and calling the manager a “retard” and a “fag”, this guy—


—a restaurant employee we’ll call “Chill Beret Guy” decided that enough was enough. After the kid pushed the manager again, Chill Beret Guy took him down and held him until the cops arrived and took him away.

When the video was posted, it wasn’t too hard to find out who he was. His name is Luke V. Gatti. He’s a 19-year-old from Long Island, and after a cursory glance through his Facebook, it appears that he really likes to ski. That’s not why it was easy to find him, though; he has already been arrested twice for similar drunk-entitled-college-kid incidents. He was first arrested about a year ago at a house party on disorderly conduct charges, which involved him calling a police officer the n-word. His second arrest occurred two weeks later, when he assaulted a police officer. At his hearing, the judge told Gatti that he was “a little concerned” he would “pull a trifecta before the month is over.”

It took him a bit longer than a month, but he did indeed pull off a trifecta. As Chill Beret Guy held him down, Gatti started trying to play the victim and said, “If I get arrested again, I’m f*cked,” to which Chill Beret guy had the perfect response…

“Well then you’re f*cked.”

I know nine minutes is a lifetime in the Internet world, but…. watch it.  It’s fun. (Strong language though)