Nutcase In Charlotte

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Lunatic David Thompson complains to Charlotte, NC city council during a community access forum, which is conveniently captured on tape and broadcast live on the local community access channel. Enjoy his rant against ice in the arena, rogue helicopter pilots, and "terrorist pussies".

Spelling Bee

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As I was watching the Scripps Spelling Bee finals last night, it occured to me that this "English As Official Language" movement is even more stupid than I originally opined.  I mean, our language is derivative of other languages, and we should acknowldege that. Anyway, our local girl did well, coming in third, after being reinstated following a very rare … Read More

The Local Media

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Very funny/disturbing clip of what passes for "Morning News" in the Triad.  I’ll try to post it here, if I can. UPDATE:  Okay, here it is.  Watch out….

Primary Day 2006 (Updated and Bumped)

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UPDATE:  Well, dear Nathan lost, getting roughly 32% of the vote, compared to Brunstetter’s 44%.  He’s a two-time loser now, having lost his bid for NC Congress in 2004 (Note to Nathan: you can take down these websites after a couple of years). Name on Ballot Party Statewide Ballot Count Peter Samuel (Pete) Brunstetter REP 4,423 Nathan Tabor REP 3,167 … Read More

More Kellie

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Getting ready for work this morning, I had the local Fox affiliate on in the background.  Joining the Fox crew in the studio was voted-off American Idol finalist and North Carolina native Bucky Covington. And shortly before 8:00, live from Hollywood via satellite, they conducted an interview with Kellie Pickler, who had only had one hour of sleep last night … Read More

North Carolina Blogging

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Majikthise echoes the sentiments of Kos and others who point out that bloggers may have a more significant role to play in local elections rather than national ones. She points out that North Carolina, particularly the Triad region, formed one of the first blogging communities designed to affect and influence local politics.  It has become, in essence, the role model … Read More