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CNN has the headline, no article. MSNBC has something — he’s being replaced by Robert Gates, CIA Director under Bush 41. The NY Times editorial from this morning is prescient. UPDATE:  Apparently, it’s been in the works for some time.  Yet, Bush said last week that Rummy would stay on for the remaining two years. So . . . Bush … Read More

Not What We Think

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It has the earmarks of an accident…. but you always wonder. UPDATE: Looking like the pilot was a pitcher for the New York Yankees — Cory Lidle.  The plane was registered in his name, and his passport was found on the street below. ANOTHER UPDATE:  I note from the Cory Lidle link above that the Yankees placed Cory Lidle on … Read More

A Foul Wind

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Well, this doesn’t sound good…. Thousands evacuated from N.C. town APEX, N.C. – As many as 17,000 people were urged to flee homes on the outskirts of Raleigh early Friday as flames shot from a burning hazardous waste plant and a chlorine cloud rose high over the area. CNN adds: Family wakes up after knock on the door at 1 … Read More

One Night In Bangkok

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CNN and MSNBC are reporting that there may be a coup attempt in Thailand…. This story is only minutes old — even AP has nothing. UPDATE: 12:10 p.m. – Okay, everyone’s got the story now.  Still, some good blogger coverage at Bangkok Pundit and 2bangkok. I confess.  I have absolutely no knowledge of Thai politics.  I couldn’t even hazard a … Read More

Yeah, I Saw That Coming

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After hours and hours and hours of focusing on John Mark Karr, the news organizations are going to eat a LOT of crow. Why? DNA evidence shows he didn’t do it.  And they’re not filing charges.  He’s just a weirdo wannabe.

Is Castro Dead?

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2:40 p.m.:  There’s apparently a buzz on Wall Street that Fidel bought the (collective) farm (so says the un-reality based Jonah Goldberg at The Corner), but nothing on the wires as of yet…. It’s only a rumor, but it stil might be a good time to read this article on, written a couple of weeks ago, about a post-Castro … Read More

Ship Afire

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CNN is reporting that the Star Princess cruise ship is on fire. They’ve probably turned off their webcams, but here are the live Star Princess cams (one from the bridge, and one from the chapel).  They supposedly update every minute (reload this page to see).

Breaking News: SCOTUS Upholds Physician Suicide Law

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With all this talk about Alito, people seem to forget that the U.S. Supreme Court is actually in session. CNN is reporting that it just upheld Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law.  Here’s the blurb from SCOTUSBlog: The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the U.S. attorney general does not have the power to bar doctors from prescribing lethal drugs for use … Read More