Brown Shot Six Times

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… and it looks like the fatal shots were the last two, which hit him on the top of the head.  Apparently, while falling forward.  NOT at close range. The New York Times has the details. Meanwhile last night… another night of clashes.  Although law enforcement is better (the Missouri State Police are not provoking lawlessness like the St. Louis County … Read More

Michael Brown Implicated In Cigar Robbery

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This morning, police identified Darren Wilson as the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown. They also released surveillance photos showing Michael Brown shoplifting some cigars and man-handling the store owner.  This all took place hours before the shooting. I'm not sure this changes the issue (although I know for many bigots, this is all they need). Brown was an unarmed … Read More

No Question. The Ferguson Police Are Thugs

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I've withheld writing about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.  For those distracted by other news stories, Michael Brown was to start college this week. Instead, his parents are planning his funeral. On August 9th, Mr Brown was shot several times and killed by a policeman in Ferguson, a suburb near St Louis, Missouri. The police say the black 18-year-old attacked … Read More

Zimmerman Found Innocent

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I don't have much to say about this, although I find abhorrent the dancing on Trayvon Martin's grave that the rightwing blogosphere is engaging in. I thought Zimmerman would be found innocent — not because of any nefarious reasons (like a racist jury or anything like that), but simply because the burden of proof is so high and there were … Read More

Common Sense

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Can't argue with this thoughtful editorial… I am saddened to say that if the teen had been white I doubt anyone would seriously consider that a man carrying a loaded handgun could be innocent of killing with that gun a white teen armed only with Skittles candy. But, because the teenage boy was black, the defense has sought to create … Read More

Before The Verdict

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I haven't been following the Zimmerman trial closely in part because I have a job, and in part because I believe the controversy surrounding Trayvon Martin's death has been resolved.  By that I mean, that there was a moment in time where it looked like Zimmerman wasn't going to stand trial at all, and that had me concerned.  Now, of … Read More

Zimmerman Judge Re-Sets Bail At $1,000,000

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In the eyes of a Florida judge, George Zimmerman is a liar and manipulator who was likely planning to flee from prosecution earlier this year. Zimmerman's previous bond was revoked last month after prosecutors alleged that he and his wife conspired to hide a huge amount of money from authorities and the judge. Prosecutors ended up charging the wife, Shellie Zimmerman, with perjury after … Read More

Zimmerman Still Not Wearing The White Hat

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Bad George: A Florida judge on Friday ordered George Zimmerman, the man charged in the killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, to return to jail within 48 hours, saying he deceived the court earlier this year about the true state of his finances. Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. gave the order after prosecutors provided evidence showing Zimmerman and his wife had essentially … Read More

Joe Zimmerman’s MySpace Page

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See the whole thing here.  Here's his profile (with my emphasis): About me: Moved out of Manassas VA (d.c. suburb) about 4 years ago, alot of people say they hate it but i cant ever say i hate home. Miss my boys from back home, no one is gonna have your back like your boys who grew up with you … Read More

Zimmerman To Be Charged

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CNN is reporting that the special prosecutor in Florida will announce that criminal charges will be brought against Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Not really a surprise given the attention the shooting has brought.  The prosecutor's announcement will come at 6 pm this evening. It is not known what the charge will be. It's also not known where Zimmerman … Read More

Bloody Zimmerman

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The story from Zimmerman was that Trayvon gave him a broken nose, then got on top of him and pounded the back of his head against the pavement. You would think Zimmerman, being taken into the police station that night in the footage below, would be a bit more bloody:   ALSO this….