Before The Verdict

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I haven't been following the Zimmerman trial closely in part because I have a job, and in part because I believe the controversy surrounding Trayvon Martin's death has been resolved.  By that I mean, that there was a moment in time where it looked like Zimmerman wasn't going to stand trial at all, and that had me concerned.  Now, of course, Zimmerman has stood trial, and that, as far as I was concerned, thwarted an injustice.

As for Zimmerman's ultimate guilt or innocence, I am largely unmoved either way.  I seriously doubt the six-women jury will find that he had the necessary mens rea to have committed second degree murder.  Manslaughter is a more likely outcome, but if I had to bet, it would be a full-out acquittal.


For the simple reason that there were only two eyewitnesses to the full encounter: Martin, who is dead, and Zimmerman, who is the defendant.

An acquittal will mean that the criminal system worked, but I think that cannot be the end of the story.  Below the fold is a rarely-seen picture of Trayvon Martin, lying dead.  Click through at your own risk.

This is what the case should be about….


Even if Zimmerman is acquitted, there still is something wrong.  Something about our gun-crazed, racist society.  This would not have happened in other countries.  Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watchman would not have had the power to do this.  In this country, we grant him that power — legally.  And it's a shame.  A shame if he gets acquitted, even if, under our "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard, that acquittal is "just".

It shouldn't be, and young men like Trayvon deserve better in this country.