Amy Schumer and Women’s Issues

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Comedian Amy Schumer’s brand of humor isn’t for everyone.  She’s a bit of a potty mouth (if that matters to you), and sometimes her sexual humor misses.  But other times, she is really on the mark about the objectification of women and rape culture.  Two examples of that are below… from the first show of her third season (“Inside Amy … Read More

New World Trade Center Elevators Are Awesome

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It’s opening soon.  When you take the elevators to the observatory atop One World Trade Center, you’re going to be in for a treat.  An animated time lapse in all 5 elevators shows the development of the city’s skyline, from the 1500s to today from the perspective of your exact spot inside One World Trade Center.  Watch:

Stamp Honoring Maya Angelou Uses Quote That Isn’t Hers

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  Oops: The Washington Post reports that a new United States postage stamp bearing Angelou’s likeness features the quote “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” Problem is, that’s a quote from a book of poems by Joan Walsh Anglund. “Yes, that’s my quote,” Anglund told the Post on Monday.

CIA to Carrie Matheson: “Good Riddance”

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So, this happened: Good Riddance, Carrie Mathison — CIA (@CIA) April 5, 2015 That’s an official tweet from the official Central Intelligence Agency to a fictional character — Carrie Mathison of the Showtime series, Homeland.  Next season, Carrie will no longer be working for the CIA.  The CIA tweet references a Sunday New York Times op-ed by Maureen Dowd which … Read More

Meet The New Host

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revor Noah, who first debuted on “The Daily Show” as a correspondent in December, is to replace Jon Stewart as the show’s new host. “You don’t believe it for the first few hours,” Noah told the New York Times ahead of Monday’s official announcement from Dubai. “You need a stiff drink, and then unfortunately you’re in a place where you … Read More

Too Many “Ethnics” On TV?

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Wow, this article is offensive.  Just the title alone — “Pilots 2015: The Year of Ethnic Castings – About Time or Too Much of Good Thing?” — stinks.  [Note to author Nellie Andreeva — the word “ethnic” means “of or relating to races or large groups of people who have the same customs, religion, origin, etc.” — which means white people are “ethnic” … Read More

Ted Cruz Started Liking Country Music On 9/11

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HuffPo: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who announced Monday he’s running for president in 2016, said he started listening to country music because of 9/11. During an interview with CBS’ “This Morning,” Cruz revealed he didn’t like the way rock bands reacted to the terrorist attack. “Music is interesting. I grew up listening to classic rock, and I’ll tell you sort … Read More

The Cheap Wine You’ve Been Drinking May Contain Too Much Arsenic

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That’s the allegation in a lawsuit (read the complaint here — PDF) filed in California this week.  The origins of the lawsuit draw back to Kevin Hicks, a former wine distributor who started BeverageGrades, a Denver-based lab that analyzes wine. The lab tested 1,300 bottles of California wine, and found that about a quarter of them had higher levels of … Read More

Breaking Bad Is Just A TV Show

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The word “fan”, as in “someone who likes something”, comes from the longer word “fanatic”, which means “someone obsessed about something”. I am a fan of many many things; not a fanatic about much (if anything).  I like Breaking Bad.  I was a fan.  But some people are just crazy fanatics: In a famous scene in Breaking Bad, a furious … Read More

Oscar Time 2015

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Hello?  Is this thing on?  This is my first post using a cellphone app. So bear with me. Well, I had hoped for really good and interesting Oscar coverage this year, having seen most of the big nominated movies.  But more important family matters have arisen. Even if I had the time or inclination to do an Oscar post, I … Read More

Stewart Out

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There will be time for eulogies and retrospectives, especially since his departure date is still unknown.  But the news that Jon Stewart is leaving the helm of The Daily Show after 17 years comes as a shock, even if it is to be expected (he clearly has been restless this past year).  Stewart made The Daily Show.  It will go on, but … Read More

Better Call Saul: A Mid-Pilot Review

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It’s probably not fair to review a new series based on half of the pilot episode, but AMC saw fit to split the pilot episode into two days, so they have nobody to blame but themselves.  Plus, it is pretty clear what Better Call Saul will be like just from Part One of the two-part pilot. Better Call Saul has been billed … Read More

To Kill A Mockingbird II

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I’m sadly not much of a reader, but I’ve been around for a long time and I have managed to read a lot during that time.  And by far, my favorite book is the one that everybody loves as their favorite…. To Kill A Mockingbird.  So it is nothing short of awesome that, after a 55 year-long silence, Harper Lee is publishing a … Read More