Oscar Predictions 2016

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I don’t care a lot this year, mostly because “The Revenent” will take many awards, and while I liked the movie, I wasn’t blown away and I didn’t care for DiCaprio. “The Revenent” will win Best Movie, Best Actor (DiCaprio), and Best Director. Best Actress will be Bree Larson for “Room” (a fantastic movie). Best Supporting Actor will be Sylvester … Read More

Oh, Give It A Rest, White People

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The Guardian reports: The NFL has been accused of various misdemeanours down the years, from ignoring head trauma to failing to control its players’ off the field activities. Now we can add another problem to the list: allowing hate speech to be disseminated during the Super Bowl via the medium of song and dance. That, at least, is the view … Read More

Warren Beatty Is So Vain (Among Others)

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Well, mystery partially solved: Carly Simon released the hit song “You’re So Vain” about a self-absorbed lover in November of 1972, leaving fans to wonder for more than four decades who it could be about. Now the mystery is somewhat solved. Simon, 70, told People magazine that at least part of the song refers to actor Warren Beatty. “I have confirmed … Read More

Well Played USA Today

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Today is “Back To The Future” Day.  In the movie Back To The Future II, Marty McFly gets in the DeLorean time machine and travels from 1985 to October 21, 2015.  At one point, he sees a copy of the “future” USA Today (that’s how he learns the date).  So what does the actual USA Today look like for today? … Read More

An Apology Was What Was Called For

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First, the video that went viral and started it all…. The Mac & Cheese Kid, as he has known, apologized by video.  Critics were, and are, saying that he is still a smug arrogant brat and/or is not acknowledging his alcohol problem.  I hear all that and don’t necessarily disagree, but I don’t think that is relevant.  An apology was … Read More

Stephen Colbert’s Next Late-Night Show

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I like Stephen Colbert.  I liked him on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and I like his improv work.  I liked him when he did Stephen Sondheim’s Company. I liked his charactor on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, although the schtick wore very thing with me after a while. As David Letterman’s Late Night replacement on CBS, I had high hopes.  Letterman … Read More

Straight Outta Beating Up Women

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I’m looking forward to seeing the N.W.A. bio-pic “Straight Outta Compton”, but I’m not surprised that the former N.W.A. members deal with the misogyny issue by, well, not acknowledging it.  Ice Cube recently was asked about it and he said that he doesn’t understand why “upstanding ladies” would come to the defense of the “bitches” and “hos” referred to in … Read More

Another Lazy Jon Stewart Tribute

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I call this lazy, because I’m not writing it.  I just liked what The Rude Pundit said in a couple of paragraphs: Stewart was never our crusader. If he was going to change things, it would be on a small scale, by bringing attention to issues like veterans’ rights and 9/11 responders’ health. He was our pressure valve, but his … Read More