How Long Does It Take To Get Hooked On A Show And Start Binge-watching?

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

Netflix, ground zero of binge-watching, did a study.  This is how long it takes to start binge-watching a show, by episode:

Arrow, Episode 8
Bates Motel, Episode 2
Better Call Saul, Episode 4
Bloodline, Episode 4
BoJack Horseman, Episode 5
Breaking Bad, Episode 2
Daredevil, Episode 5
Dexter, Episode 3
Gossip Girl, Episode 3
Grace & Frankie, Episode 4
HIMYM, Episode 8
House of Cards, Episode 3
Mad Men, Episode 6
Marco Polo, Episode 3
OITNB, Episode 3
Once Upon A Time, Episode 6
Pretty Little Liars, Episode 4
Scandal, Episode 2
Sense8, Episode 3
Sons of Anarchy, Episode 2
Suits, Episode 2
The Blacklist, Episode 6
The Killing, Episode 2
The Walking Dead, Episode 2
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Episode 4

This might explain why I had a hard time getting into Mad Men.  Six hour long episodes is quite an investment before a person gets “hooked”,