As Soon As It Was Announced That Last Quarter’s GDP Set Records For Shrinkage, Trump Floats The Idea Of Delaying The Election

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Fact check: Mail-in voting and absentee voting are exactly the same thing. In order to get a Mail-in Ballot, you still must request one, just like you do to get an Absentee Ballot. It’s called registering to vote. In Absentee Ballot states, when you register, you can select “mail-in”. In Mail-in states, everyone selects “mail-in”. There is no difference.

Fact check: Trump cannot actually change the date of the federal elections. Though Trump may believe that Article II provides godlike powers, picking the date for federal elections is actually the role of Congress. And that date is already set. Congress doesn’t have to vote to have the election on Nov. 3; it would have to vote to change it to any other date.

When Joe Biden mentioned the possibility that Donald Trump would try to “kick back the election somehow” back in April, Washington Post pundit Henry Olsen was aghast. He called Biden’s statement an “unfounded accusation” and said this was “not only clearly over the line but also unmasks how low the supposedly moderate Biden will go to win.”