Nancy Withholding The Articles Of Impeachment

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Hmmmm. Seems like McConnell’s pretty desperate to get those articles now. Remember in December when he rather smugly declared “fine with me” after Pelosi announced she wouldn’t immediately transmit the articles? Well, McConnell’s antsy enough to get those articles now that Senate Republicans started pushing out quotes from congressional Democrats who signaled their interest in the articles’ transmission too. Gee, Mitch, what’s the hurry? Thought everything was just “fine.”

The hurry is Trump’s desperation to be acquitted. The hurry is all the new evidence coming to light that will make Senate Republicans’ sham trial so much more obvious to the public. The hurry is Pelosi’s strategy working just right—give the articles some time to breathe and more evidence of Trump’s guilt will surface. Sure enough, former national security adviser John Bolton said he would testify in a Senate trial if subpoenaed, new emails emerged in fresh reporting from Just Security revealing Trump’s direct role in ordering a hold on Ukraine security assistance, and a federal judge ruled that Giuliani associate Lev Parnas could start sharing new evidence with the House Intelligence Committee. Senate Republicans are suddenly feeling anxious because every day that passes could potentially produce another bombshell that will make their sham trial even more ridiculous. 

When asked by a reporter whether she would transmit the articles anytime soon, Pelosi shot back, “Do you listen when I speak? I said when we saw what the arena is that we would be sending members in, then we would send over the articles,” Pelosi explained, reiterating the same point she originally made in December. “We haven’t seen that, so I don’t know how many more times I have to say that and how many times you want to ask it.”

That was directed at McConnell, not the reporter, obviously.

UPDATE — New from McConnell:

Actually, Mitch, the growing unity is Americans wondering why you bragged about skewing the results of any impeachment hearings you are in charge of. We all wonder why you would deliberately stop any testimony, evidence or inquest. We, as a country, wonder why you don’t honor your oath.