May 29 Letter From Trump To Zelenesky Offers Unwavering Support

Ken AshfordL'Affaire Ukraine, Trump & Administration, Trump ImpeachmentLeave a Comment

Trump pledged “unwavering” support to Ukraine in a May 29 letter congratulating its new president on his election victory and invited Zelensky to the White House, as evidence of the United States’ “commitment” to the young democracy, it was reported yesterday. “Trump’s letter … points to a sharp contrast between Trump’s official, warm communications with Zelensky and the moves he actually wanted from Kyiv,” Betsy Swan and Erin Banco report at The Daily Beast.

This is arguably a good letter for Trump’s defense, but there are a couple of problems. First, Trump clearly did not write this, and I question whether he even read it or realized what it said. Secondly, a lot changed after May 29, when Trump actually paid attention to the significance of Ukraine and his personal political interests.

But, here it is anyway. He gets an Exhibit A too.