A Random Look A Trump’s Bizarre Tweets

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This makes no sense. Why is it more important because it was the first? It was a perfunctory phone call taking place in April, just after Zelensky was elected, and before Trump talked to Putin. After Trump talked to Putin, his view of Zelensky changed, and he started with the whole Biden investigation extortion.

Trump is focusing on the whistleblower, apparently unaware that much of the testimony was firsthand accounts, and not all Never Trumpers. By the way, are pro-Trumpers the only people who can report wrongdoing by Trump?

On a related note, this just happened…

Back to Trump rants…

Here’s a decent response to that….

A little problem with the present and future tense there, Mr President. In any event, NOBODY is joining Trump on this absurd claim that the transcripts (which have almost all been released now) are fabricated. In any event, the live public hearings will lay to rest any doubt.