Trump Lawyers: The Unanimous Supreme Court During Watergate Was Wrong

Ken AshfordCourts/Law, L'Affaire Russe, Trump & AdministrationLeave a Comment

Yes, L’Affaire Russe is still a thing.

In fact, today the lawyers for the House Judiciary Committee were in court, trying to get the documents that Mueller submitted to the grand jury and which underlie the Mueller Report. The DOJ was, of course, trying to stop that from happening, even though this is precisely what happened under Nixon when Judge Sirica turned over all his stuff to Congress.

But the DOJ’s argument is that the grand jury “roadmap” was wrongly given in 1974.

Look, the US Supreme Court said explicitly that the president is not above the law in the sense that he has to comply with subpoenas, etc.

The stonewalling tactic is a loser.  They’ll just appeal, and then appeal again. The point here is mainly to take up lots of time, not to actually win the case.