Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS Leader, Killed In Daring Raid, But Trump Don’t Get No Respect

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Listen, it;s great that our forces in Syria, relying on information from the Kurds (and possibly those in al-Baghdadi’s inner circle) took out the military and spiritual leader of ISIS, even though the operation was hastily put together because Trump pulled our troops out of Syria without, you know, checking with anybody.

But the second I heard the news, my reaction was, “Oh my God. He [Trump] is never going to stop crowing about it.” His bizarre announcement to the nation, full of machismo and sadism, was pure Trump. It also was, of course, exaggerated.

And he gave a nod to Russia, because he just can’t help himself.

How stunned he must have been when, not even twelve hours later, he made a rare public appearance (not in front of a Trump rally) at Game 5 of the World Series and got soundly booed.

There is debate in the media all day about the appropriateness of both the booing and the “lock him up” chant, with conservatives (and some Democrats) condemning one or both acts.

Slate nails this, by the way.