Breaking: Pelosi To Call For Impeachment Inquiry; Trump Will Release Transcript Of Zelensky Call And Whistleblower Complaint

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Only two presidents have been impeached: Andrew Jackson and Bill Clinton. (Nixon resigned before the House could draw up Articles of Impeachment).

BREAKING — This just happened…

*whispers to Congress* Don’t forget you are entitled the whistleblower complaint too!


Apparently the whistleblower has been in touch with the Senate Intel Committee as well

As ALL this is unfolding, Nancy Pelosi is speaking at a forum at The Atlantic Monthly.

She is bringing a lot of gravitas to the issue. “This is a serious issue.”

AND… The State Department is throwing Giuliani under the bus…

AND… Trump tweets again:

As an aside, the Fox News site right now cracks me up…

Yes…. Pelosi is under pressure!!


“Hotlining” is the practice of bypassing regular Senate procedures and moving legislation through to a vote with little or no floor debate in an attempt to pass the legislation through the unanimous consent of all Senators”



he White House is preparing to release to Congress by the end of the week both the whistleblower complaint and the inspector general report at the center of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, according to a senior administration official, reversing its position after withholding the documents from lawmakers