Lewandowski Testifies

Ken AshfordL'Affaire Russe, Trump & AdministrationLeave a Comment

Why is he relevant? Because according to the Mueller Report, Trump instructed Lewandowski to tell then Attorney General Jeff Sessions to unrecuse himself. Lewandowski did not deliver that message.

But a White House letter sent out a couple days ago directed him not to testify to anything beyond the Mueller Report, because of executive privilege.

The obvious problem is that Corey Lewandowski never worked for the White House. He was merely the Trump campaign manager.

Lewandowski is “testifying” right now and invoking the privilege. Well, he is not invoking it “for himself” he keeps saying, but he is respecting the White House directive.

I don’t know why he isn’t being held for contempt.

Can we get some infor out of Corey anyway?