Bolton Gone

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And of course, we learn this by tweet:

I suspect this may have something to do with all the leaks about Trump’s national security blunders. Also, Bolton — Trump’s third national security advisor — and Trump strongly disagreed over Afghanistan. Bolton’s opposition to the diplomatic effort in Afghanistan has irritated Trump and led aides to leave the National Security Council out of sensitive discussions about a possible peace agreement (which collapsed)

The best people.

Look. Everybody who works closely with Trump in a national security capacity knows that the president is unfit for his office, but none will tell the public what they say to their intimates. They forgot: they owe their duty to the country to the nation, not to Trump. Speak!

Could Israel be one of those issues?

Bolton was supposed to hold a press briefing 90 minutes from now. Guess that won’t happen.

Interesting tweet in that Bolton did not resign. He probably forced Trump to fire him, and Trump did.

It seems the White House Communications Office was caught unawares… again.

Or not? Why can’t they even FIRE someone without screwing it up? Was he fired last night or did he resign this morning?

Oh, here’s Bolton weighing in….

Bolton has been a lifelong hawk – a longtime advocate of attacking Iran, for example, and most recently opposed allowing Taliban leaders to meet with Trump at Camp David; Trump says he asked him last night to resign. Those fearful of another U.S. war in Mideast are likely pleased.

The one thing that can be said about Trump is that he is wary of war. he WANTS to be a peacemaker. That’s what made the appointment of Bolton a bit bizarre. Maybe Trump was thinking peace through strength? In any event, Bolton is not the guy you want if you want world stability.

I have no use, or love lost for John Bolton. But he got canned because:
1. He was against Trump’s empty, slobbering pursuit of romance with Kim Jong Un
2. He was against any Trump overtures to Iran;
3. He probably was aghast at the recent Trump Nobel-inspired appeasement with the Taliban.

John Bolton was a paid Fox News contributor for many years. Wonder if he’ll be heading back there?

All of this is amusing in that just yesterday, Trump was saying that the Democrat media was lying about there being turmoil in the White House: