Trump Puts Focus On His Shady Businesses

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He’s changing the conversation to something that hurts him.

Um okay. It is hard to know why Trump is focusing on this today — there is nothing in the news which suggests any movement in the efforts of the NY Attorney General to get the tax returns of Trump businesses (although they succeeded in getting the Trump Foundation shut down as soon as it was clear that the Foundation engaged in self -dealing and spending money on Trump and his for-profit businesses).

Anyway, it seems that he is keeping an eye on his businesses, and not the country right now.

The Hill doesn’t know what triggered Trump either:

Though it’s not clear what, specifically, triggered the president’s outburst, New York Attorney General Letitia James has been aggressive in investigating Trump and his administration. She filed or joined a barrage of lawsuits on issues from the administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the Census to the Trump Organization’s business practices.

The lawsuit against the Trump Foundation was started by James’ predecessor, Eric Schneiderman, who resigned in May 2018 after he was accused of abusing multiple women. Schneiderman disputed the notion that he assaulted women during what he said were consensual sexual encounters.

UPDATE — still focusing on it…

“Has been being” sued?