Trump Playing Good Cop AND Bad Cop To Iran (Spoiler: It Doesn’t Work)

Ken AshfordIran, Trump & AdministrationLeave a Comment

Having taken the position that he wants to Make Iran Great Again, Trump expected accolades and praise from Iran’s leaders. Let’s face it — that is all Trump wants: praise.

As anyone with a brain and a sense of history can tell you, Iran didn’t bite. Trump broke the Iran deal, imposed sanctions, and expected Iran to THANK him for not bombing them into the stone age?

Just now, Trump reacted to Iran’s “fuck you” statement:

Iran is smarter than Trump. He speaks loudly and, although he has a big stick, he will not use it. He’s made that clear. He ran on it. He’s not the neo-con.

Uh oh. Now with no clear policy on Iran, Trump is in a bind of his own making. They have no incentive to come to the negotiating table, since Trump already broke one deal. So now, Trump has — once again — created a crisis that didn’t exist when he came into office, and all because he rejected anything Obama without considering the consequences.