Is The Noose Tightening?

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So much swampiness, but the fightback is palpable

Emoluments clause case:

A federal judge told US House and Senate Democrats they can begin collecting financial evidence this week about Donald Trump’s businesses for a lawsuit.Judge Emmet Sullivan, of the US District Court in Washington, denied an attempt by the Justice Department to stop the Democrats from collecting information from the Trump Organization and to appeal early court decisions in the lawsuit, which tests the constitutionality of Trump’s business holdings while he serves as President.

The case is one of several avenues Democrats have to get to Trump’s financial records.

This federal court ensured that “the Trump strategy of denying, delaying, deflecting, and dissembling while continuing to defy the Constitution has all but run its course and that the chickens are finally coming home to roost”

Kellyanne Conway To Get Subpoenaed

A House committee voted today to authorize a subpoena for White House counselor Kellyanne Conway after she failed to show for a hearing on a government watchdog’s findings that she broke the law dozens of times. 

The House Oversight Committee voted, 25-to-16, for the subpoena after Special Counsel Henry Kerner said she blatantly violated the Hatch Act, a law that bars federal employees from engaging in politics during work. 

“Ms. Conway’s egregious and repeated Hatch Act violations, combined with her unrepentant attitude, are unacceptable from any federal employee, let along one in such a prominent position,” Kerner told the panel. “Her conduct hurts both federal employees, who may believe that senior officials can act with complete disregard for the Hatch Act, and the American people, who may question the nonpartisan operation of their government.”

Another Bites The Dust

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) air policy chief is leaving, amid ethics concerns. The agency today announced that Bill Wehrum, the head of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, will leave the agency by the end of June. 

The announcement comes a few months after lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee launched an investigation into whether Wehrum and his deputy improperly aided former energy industry clients after joining the EPA.

And Another One Gone

The Trump administration official in charge of diplomatic protocol plans to resign and isn’t going to Japan for this week’s Group of 20 meetings, where he would have played a sensitive behind-the-scenes role, according to people familiar with the matter.

Sean Lawler, a State Department official whose title is chief of protocol, is departing amid a possible inspector general’s probe into accusations of intimidating staff and carrying a whip in the office, according to one of the people.

Um… Not Cool. But, I’ll Take It

An employee at the upscale Aviary cocktail bar in Chicago’s West Loop was taken into Secret Service custody last night for allegedly spitting on Eric Trump, according to NBC Chicago.

Chicago police responded to the incident and assisted the Secret Service, according to a Chicago Police Department spokesperson.

Other Stuff

Trump react to this:

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