Wait, Did He He Just Admit….?

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Odd to see Trump acknowledge that Russia tried to help him get elected. Slip of the tongue? Did he forget lie?

Ah, the back pedal.

And then he throws in this gem:

At this point, you’d think someone in the White House would have explained to the president how impeachment actually works.

And what does this mean?


The president called Mueller a “true never-Trumper” and “totally conflicted person” because the special counsel asked for, but did not receive, a partial refund for membership fees to a Trump-branded golf course eight years ago. “Some of the worst human beings on Earth,” Trump called Mueller’s team. “They got nothing.”

There seems to be a disconnect in the Trump strategy because they, on the one hand, have praised Mueller and the report because it exonerated Trump from all wrongdoing (it didn’t, of course), and yet, they also slam Mueller for being a horrible and biased person.

This also happened:

This of course is untrue: Mueller is not motivated by Trump’s refusal to refund a country club membership. But wouldn’t it be great if it was? That Trump’s pettiness over a few bucks was his downfall?


Bob Mueller is barred by law from serving again as the FBI Director. At the meeting POTUS mentions, White House officials told him, per sources, they were willing to push Congress to pass a new law to make Mueller’s re-appointment possible. Mueller was basically there to help advise them on next steps generally in naming an FBI Director on request from West Wing aides

Meanwhile, Mueller’s press conference seems to have made a crack in the conservative bubble: