North Korea Resumes Missile Firing

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We all know Trump’s game. It came to stark reality this week when his tax returns from the 1980s and early 1990s were revealed. Back then, as he was touting a name for himself as a shrewd businessman, hawking his “Art Of The Deal” book, he was losing money hand over fist. Not just a little money, but upwards of a billion dollars. A BILLION.

Trump has made a name for himself for the one thing he is REALLY good at — making a name for himself. But many of us knew the emperor has not clothes. Now more know.

He’s carried that tactic into the political realm. He knows he doesn’t have to actually succeed — he just has to sell success.

But it isn’t working.

Remember his summit with Kim Jung-Il? How they became fast friends and that Trump alone had brought North Korea to end its bellicose ways?

Yeah, not so much:

North Korea has fired two short-range missiles in its second weapons test in less than a week, the South Korean military says.

The missiles fired from the north-western city of Kusong travelled 420km (260 miles) and 270km towards the east.

It came hours after the top US envoy arrived in South Korea for talks on how to revive nuclear negotiations.

Analysts say the North is trying to increase pressure on the US over its failure to make concessions.

A meeting in Vietnam between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump ended without agreement in February with the US insisting North Korea give up its nuclear programme and Pyongyang demanding sanctions relief.

I don’t know if Trump even knows the difference between actual success and selling success. He may be THAT detached from reality. And when it comes to the international arena, where nuclear weapons are involved, that could be very dangerous.