Four Things To Watch For Today

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Barr’s last chance to avoid contempt

Nadler gave the Justice Department a Monday morning deadline to respond to his recent offer regarding the release of the full Mueller report. Nadler has threatened Barr with contempt if they can’t reach an agreement. Be watching for the department’s response.

Mnuchin to give answer on Trump’s taxes

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin gave himself a Monday deadline to respond to the House Ways and Means Committee request for President Trump’s tax returns. Watch for Mnuchin’s response and justification today.

We’re on Mueller watch 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller will likely have an answer on the House Judiciary Committee’s proposed May 15 date to testify any day. President Donald Trump is already expressing his displeasure at the idea of the taciturn special counsel opening up to the President’s congressional foes.

I don’t know what Trump thinks “redo” means, but much of his missive was gibberish. The president’s assertions about the Mueller report’s conclusions bear no real resemblance to the special counsel’s actual findings.

Indeed, the contradiction at the heart of the Republican’s argument was apparently lost on him: if Mueller arrived at a “strong no collusion conclusion,” and the special counsel determined that there was “no obstruction,” shouldn’t Trump be eager to have Mueller say so in sworn testimony for all the world to see?

Trump’s dramatic shift on Mueller testimony was less of a reversal and more of a realization: it’s finally dawned on Trump that the special counsel would tell inconvenient truths.

Michael Cohen is (finally) off to jail 

After months of delay, the President’s old fixer is headed to one of the cushiest prisons in the country today for medical testing, a jumpsuit and the shining possibility of playing horseshoes and bocce ball with good behavior.