Tough Start For The 2018 Champs

Ken AshfordRed Sox & Other SportsLeave a Comment

This 11 game, no break, West Coast opening for the Red Sox is grueling.

The Boston Red Sox were outscored 34-24 in their four-game series against the Mariners, dropping three of four in the process. The starting rotation currently has an MLB-worst 13.20 ERA, while the bullpen that everyone pointed to as a glaring weakness has a 2.50 ERA and is 1-for-1 in save chances.

They lost last night against the A’s, but thankfully Chris Sale found his arm. And they close to tying it in the 9th.

But still, they are 1 win to 5 losses and at the bottom of the AL East. Yankees and Blue Jays are down there too, and the Orioles and Rays are at the top. It’s like everything is upside down.

And another consideration: three of the Red Sox’s five losses have been by two runs or less, so it’s not like they’ve been getting their doors blown off every night to start the season. And with 156 games left to go, Boston has more than enough time to turn things around.