AG Barr To Look Into Improper FBI Actions Relating To Russia Probe

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This is a waste of time and its sad that Fox News tripe is being taken seriously:

The investigation was predicated on what Papadapolous said to an Australian ambassador. The first FISA warrant, against Carter Page, was taken out AFTER Page left the campaign. Now, the FBI may have looked into contacts that the Trump campaign had with foreign bad people, but you kinda have to expect that if you’re dealing with foreign bad people. If that’s all we’re talking about, investigate away.

But it is odd that Barr is refusing to state the basis for his suspicions of DOJ wrongdoing.

Leaving aside the fact FBI did brief both campaigns on the threat of Russian interference, Barr should be troubled that the campaign never picked up the phone & told the FBI about any, let alone all, of the outreach it had from Russians.

But Trump is spinning this to the hilt…

On a related note, Barr is coming under scrutiny once more for the Mueller Report as he testifies for his second day before the House Judiciary:

Well, let’s get Mueller in and ask him!

Well, that’s good at least.