Aaron Walker: Still The Virginia Bar’s Biggest Embarrassment

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From a court opinion handed down denying several right wingnuts their motion to dismiss (in a lawsuit brought by a Charlottesville victim) – scroll to the bottom of the page:

[Red markup are mine]

Here’s what the judge was referring to (among other examples):

Seriously . . . what attorney wastes a judge’s time with pop culture references to Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 and The Rock? Aaron Walker, that’s who. (Pro tip, Aaron: if you have to explain the reference, maybe leave it out altogether)

What is particularly amusing is that Walker, and his co-counsel (who represents the increasingly unhinged Alex Jones), filed an absurd Rule 11 motion for sanctions (to sanction the plaintiff for bringing the case in the first place), which not only failed, but resulted in the two getting slapped by the judge. An auspicious beginning to their representation.

What a goob. Yeah, I know they all crave the spotlight and I’m giving it to them, but when future generations wonder how we got Trump — well, Walker, his co-counsel and their clients will be Exhibit A in explaining the dumbing of America.

UPDATE: Oh my God I just saw this. He veers from Rodney King to Batman to Abraham Lincoln to 9/11 all in the span of two pages. And why? To condescendingly illustrate to the judge that people interpret things differently, which we can reasonably assume that the judge already knows.

These are not only bad legal arguments, they are not legal arguments at all. In a motion to dismiss, all a plaintiff has to do is show they he has stated a cause of action upon which the parties disagree. By saying that people see things differently actually affirms there is a justiciable controversy; it doesn’t deny it.

Do you ever run across a person who is, to be blunt, really dumb but thinks they are smart, and who then proceeds to talk condescendingly to people more learned than themselves?