Trump Crimes Update

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(1) This is interesting.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is extending his stay at the Department of Justice for at least “a little longer,” according to Tuesday NBC reporting.

Slated to leave in mid-March, Rosenstein has reportedly spoken to Attorney General William Barr about staying for an indefinite amount of time.

The hearings for his replacement are currently scheduled for early April.

So it looks like he may be staying for when the Mueller Report comes out.

(2) Trump, on the heels of a 50 tweet weekend is seemingly feeling some pressure and continuing with the “blame the media” tactic.

A favorite target of late is Kellyanne Conway’s husband:

(3) Here is a link to the 269 pages released today (PDF) on an application from the media. It is the background documents leading to the search warrant of Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen.

I don’t think they reveal much — except perhaps the fact that the FBI was investigating President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer for nearly a year before agents raided his home and office. Since July 2017 in fact — far longer than had previously been known.

Lanny Davis, an attorney for Cohen, said the release of the search warrant “furthers his interest in continuing to cooperate and providing information and the truth about Donald Trump and the Trump organization to law enforcement and Congress.”