Dealmaker, My Ass

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To all the people out there who voted for Trump because he is a great dealmaker, let’s review how well he did on his first big dealmaking with a non-compliant Congress:

March 2018: Democrats offer $25B in border all funding for a pathway to citizenship for the dreamers. Trump kills the deal by tacking on draconian cuts to LEGAL immigration.

December 2018: Trump demands $5B for wall; Democrats counter with a $1.6B offer. Trump shuts down the government, costing the U.S. economy $11B.

January 2019: Trump caves, ends shutdown in humiliating political defeat, vows to get WALL funding as a condition to fund the government after 2/15/2019.

February 2019: Trump indicates he’ll sign a bill with $1.375 billion “fencing” funds – limited to the type of barrier already in use — to avoid another shutdown.

Well done, Mr. Art of the Deal!

Fox News bimbo weighs in:

SINCE the shutdown however, Trump’s approval/disapproval has jumped very favorably in his direction (+7 approve/-7 disapprove) in the Gallup poll.