New Congress; Same President

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The new Congress is being sworn in today. There is a partial government shutdown. An American was arrested in Russia for spying (he probably wasn’t — it’s retaliation). And the Dow is down today, uh, let’s see — 550 points.

So what is on Trump’s mind? Re-election.

Let’s be clear about this: if you think this is funny, you’re a dick. And this isn’t politics.

I’m not prepared to discuss Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy yet, simply because I feel we JUST HAD A FUCKING ELECTION!!! Plus, Trump clearly wants the focus to go there. But I will say this… it is clear they are trying to “Hillary” her, and it is not likely to work. She simply doesn’t have Hillary baggage.

Some reax:

And Senator Warren is not impressed.

UPDATE: Dow closed down 660.02