Breaking: Trump Will Show Up For SOTU Anyway

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Just released by the White House:

Puerile, of course.

We’re actually going to have a showdown over this now?

If that is true… then she should formally uninvite.

Pelosi can’t stop Trump from coming to the Capitol anyway on January 29.

There are restrictions on who can walk onto the House floor. The privilege is reserved for current and former members of Congress, along with congressional staffers with specific credentials allowing them access. The president is also permitted to enter the House chamber at any time.

But Pelosi can use House rules to silence Trump.

Whether Trump could just get up on the dais and start delivering his State of the Union address is another question. Nothing could physically stop Trump from speaking in the House chamber, but there is a strict set of rules governing what is allowed to take place on the floor and what would be subject to condemnation.

In order for someone to deliver formal remarks in the House of Representatives, the chamber must be “in session,” which is at the discretion of the speaker.

And Pelosi can make it difficult for C-SPAN to broadcast Trump’s floor speech.

Ordinarily, C-SPAN is the only entity allowed to record House floor proceedings. But C-SPANonly has permission to operate when the House is officially in session. If the House isn’t in session and Trump comes to the floor and begins speaking, there would be no way of broadcasting the address to a national audience. The chamber lights might not even be on for Trump to see his written speech.

Unless someone broke House rules. Someone could videotape Trump and carry it live on Facebook or Twitter. When Democrats, then in the minority, took over the House floor in a 24-hour “sit-in” in 2016 to protest gun violence, Democrats filmed their own floor speeches and C-SPAN chose to air that content. The same thing could happen in this scenario.

Then Pelosi would have to decide whether to move forward with a vote to formally rebuke of Trump.

Trump could of course deliver his speech elsewhere (like the Senate floor).

If Trump wants people to see no crime, he should let federal agents get back to work with pay.