Democrats Are Still Winning the 2018 Election

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Testy Trump is tweeting about criticisms that he didn’t attend an event in Paris to honor WWI fallen soldiers.  He didn’t go because of rain — yet all the other world leaders somehow managed to make it.

“Cemetery” is a hard work to spell.

Why is Trump so testy?  Probably because Democrats are still winning the 2018 elections, which were held a week ago

Representative Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat and former social worker, scored a groundbreaking victory in the race for a Senate seat in Arizona, defeating her Republican opponent after waging a campaign in which she embraced solidly centrist positions.

Ms. Sinema’s victory over Martha McSally, a Republican congresswoman and former Air Force pilot, marks the first Democratic triumph since 1976 in a battle for an open Senate seat in Arizona. Ms. Sinema takes the seat being vacated by Jeff Flake, a Republican who is leaving the Senate after repeated clashes with President Trump.

Ms. Sinema’s victory guarantees the Democrats at least 47 Senate seats. Republicans control 51, with two still undecided: Florida, where there is a recount, and Mississippi, where there is a runoff.

That’s a flip of a seat from Republican to Democrat in the Senate.  Democrats will still be down

There are still ten undecided seats in the House, but as of now, Democrats are up 31 seats.  Florida and Georgia are still undecided for governors.