Breaking: Saudis Admit To Killing Khashoggi: Said It Was An Accident

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It looks like the Saudi prince is trying to clear his name by throwing certain operatives under a bus.

As this unfolds, it is worth noting that Khashoggi was I believe 59 and portly. it is pretty hard to see how an interrogation could have led to his accidental death. Torture, maybe. But again, a police or military team can pretty easily take custody of someone without killing them.

Even if you assume that the plan was to return him to Saudi, again, we’re talking about multiple members of a trained elite force dealing with a middle aged man. “Oops” is not a persuasive explanation.

Also, why the bone saw?

Another point: it sounds like Saudi Arabia is coming up with a “rogue killers” defense, which is exactly what Trump was saying this morning.  Were they running it by him?  Was he the advance PR man?

CNN is reporting that the Saudi preliminary report “could change”, meaning, I assume, this is a trial balloon and they still can backtrack and deny any knowledge.

UPDATE — Looks like the Turks got some kind of deal to keep their mouth shut