Trump Takes A Hit In The Polls

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Two new polls that came out today affirm a sag in Trump’s standing:

Quinnipiac has Trump at 38% approve, 54% disapprove… while Gallup has him at 40% approve, 54% disapprove

The Quinnipeac poll takes a deeper dive on Trump:

60–32% is not honest
57–38% does not have good leadership skills
55-41% does not care about average Americans
65–30% not level-headed
57-39% is a strong person
51-42% is intelligent
60-33% does not share voters’ values

Also in the Quinnipiac poll:

American voters believe 55 – 28 percent anonymous allegations that senior aides to President Donald Trump work behind his back to keep him from making what the aides believe are bad decisions.

Republicans don’t believe these accounts 52 – 27 percent, the only listed party, gender, education, age or racial group which does not believe that aides are working behind the president’s back.

None of this is good for Trump or Republicans as we move into the midterms.


CNN poll out today too.  It puts Trump at 36% approve – 58% disapprove,  Back in August, it was 42/53.  So that’s a net -11 to a net -22 in one month.  Most of the drop was from independents who disapprove of Trump at 65% now compared to 55% a month ago.