Trump Tweets Over 30 Times From Friday To Monday, But One Tweet Gets Him Into Big Legal Trouble

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No, that’s not the one.  I mean, yes it is clearly racist, but that won’t plunge Trump into legal trouble.  Besides, Keith Boykin had the perfect response:

Ummm… water being diverted to the Pacific Ocean?  Actually, that’s how water works. It falls from the sky, into brooks, then into streams, then into rivers, which leads to the ocean. It’s true that water is diverted to the coastal cities for a constant water supply but all such water is used by the coastal communities

By the way, the California wildfires, the worst in recorded history, are caused by climate change, pure and simple. 

Combined, they form the biggest blaze that California firefighters are currently battling. Altogether, the Mendocino Complex Fire has burned 283,800 acres — growing about 80% since Friday night. As of Monday evening, it was 30% contained and had destroyed 75 residences. The Mendocino Complex Fire has now surpassed last year’s Thomas Fire, which burned 281,893 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, as the largest fire in Cal Fire history.

Um…. not so much:

Again, calling the news the “enemy of the people”.  Very dangerous and it is only a matter of time before a newsroom gets shot up. 

But until that happens, this is not the tweet that puts Trump in legal jeopardy.


The problematic language is “This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics…”

This is the first time that Trump admitted the true purpose of the meeting, and it contradicts the press release THAT TRUMP DRAFTED which said the meeting was about adoptions.  This not only goes to collusion, but also obstruction (the mens rea).  

And of course it begs the question, if it was “perfectly legal”, why lie about it?