Fox Prime Time Not Even Trying To Hide Racism Now

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Ingraham basically blamed brown people for ruining the country she once loved.  Her remarks bear more than a passing resemblance to the notorious white supremacist “14 Words” slogan about how “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

But Former KKK Grandwizard David Duke liked it, so….

But Ingraham’s blatantly racist sentiment has been expressed more than once during Fox News’ prime-time programming this summer. While discussing immigration policy in June, Tucker Carlson — host of that show that begins two hours before Ingraham’s — advised his viewers that “no matter what they tell you, this isn’t about helping children. A lot of people yelling at you on TV don’t even have kids, so don’t for a second let them take moral high ground. Their goal is to change your country forever.”

Why is this all happening now?

It’s the one year anniversary of Charlottesville.  That’s NOT a coincidence.