Breaking: Michael Cohen Enters Plea Deal With Prosecutors [UPDATE: Manafort Jury Finds Manafort Guilty on 8 Counts]

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Later today, we should have a better idea of the terms of the deal.

The most significant part of his plea deal, expected to be told in court today at 4 pm (SDNY), will be the terms of the campaign finance plea. Do they implicate/leave room for misconduct by the Trump campaign, and even Trump himself? If so, makes Cohen a powerful witness if he eventually testifies. He will be effectively saying “Yup, I did it, I took my punishment… and so should Trump.”

UPDATE – 3:30 pm – Cohen has surrendered himself to the FBI earlier than usual but 4 pm court appearance still expected.

CNN reporting that Cohen is expected to plead guilty to multiple counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud and bank fraud.

UPDATE #2 – 3:45 pm

And for those keeping score….

UPDATE #3 – 4:25pm


And in lower Manhattan…

Count 7 is Karen McDougal

Stormy Daniels payment was finalized on Oct. 27.  That’s Count 8.

And breaking at the same time… the jurors have reached a verdict in 8 of the 18 counts against Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Jury hung on 10 counts.

Finally…. uh oh

This was confirmed by a NY Daily News reporter.

Still nothing about cooperation agreement.