Huge Scandal If True

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At least 40 immigrant U.S. Army reservists and recruits have been discharged or now have questionable futures in the country despite having been promised citizenship in exchange for their military service, the Associated Press reports.

Per the AP, some who have been discharged said they didn’t get an answer as to why, while others said they were told “they’d been labeled as security risks because they have relatives abroad or because the Defense Department had not completed background checks on them.” The Pentagon told the AP they were unable to comment “due to the pending litigation.”

One Pakistani recruit explained how he learned of his discharge over a phone call, and said he “was devastated, because I love the U.S. and was so honored to be able to serve this great country.” He enlisted in April 2016, the AP reports, and had been expecting to ship out for basic training in January 2017, but it had been delayed.

The discharged recruits have had their basic training delayedthe AP reports, meaning that they can’t be naturalized. There are “an estimated 10,000 immigrant recruits currently serving in the military.”

If they are being discharged because they wash out in training or fail for some other legitimate reason, that’s one thing. But if it is purely because of their immigration status, that is hugely gross.

Less than one year ago, during National Hispanic Heritage Month, president Trump proclaimed:

From America’s earliest days, Hispanic Americans have played a prominent and important role in our national heritage, and Hispanic Americans continue to embody the pioneering spirit of America today.

Along with that proclamation and in honor of “Hispanic Heritage in the Defense Department,” DoD published several stories on how immigrants have distinguished themselves in and contributed to the U.S. military.

As a matter of fact, more than 700 — or more than 20 percent — of the 3,500 recipients of our nation’s highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, are immigrants.

Not that Trump cares about that now that he is unleashed from his handlers.