Chamber of Commerce Declares War On Trump Tariffs

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Now that they have their tax cut safely in hand, the business community has apparently gotten fed up with Donald Trump. The US Chamber of Commerce, which has basically become the NRA of the business community over the past couple of decades under its firebrand conservative leader, Tom Donohue, has now declared war. “The administration’s new tariffs threaten to spark a global trade war,” blares a headline on the Chamber’s website today:

Tariffs imposed by the United States are nothing more than a tax increase on American consumers and businesses–including manufacturers, farmers, and technology companies–who will all pay more for commonly used products and materials.

A tax increase! Them’s fighting words! And the site has a helpful interactive map so you can see just how badly Trump’s tariffs will affect your state. Here’s North Carolina:

Trump hasn’t responded with a devastating tweet yet, but I’m sure he will eventually. China has retaliated against Trump. Canada has retaliated against Trump. Europe has retaliated against Trump. And now the Chamber of Commerce has retaliated against Trump. The battle is finally fully engaged.