Breaking: Paul Manafort Order To Jail

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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will await his trial for foreign lobbying crimes from jail.

Two weeks after Robert Mueller’s prosecutors dropped new accusations of witness tampering on him, a federal judge Friday revoked Manafort’s current bail, which allowed him out on house arrest.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s order marks an end to months of attempts from Manafort to lighten his house arrest restrictions after he was charged and pleaded not guilty to foreign lobbying violations.

On the plus side, he gets to remove his two ankle bracelets.

UPDATE — Trump, with nothing on his schedule today (seriously!), is feeling the heat:

The bottom tweet is hilarious. Hot takes:

(1) Manafort wasn’t sentenced. He hasn’t even gone to trial.

(2) Lots of people associated with Reagan went to jail

(3) Uh…. “mob”?

(4) Well, I don’t think Trump has Manafort’s loyalty anymore.