A Very Well-Made Political Ad

Ken AshfordElection 2018Leave a Comment

Hegar has an uphill battle in a district that is rated R+10. It stretches from the northernmost suburbs of Austin to Fort Hood and it will be interesting to watch how an ad like the one below plays out in an area that is dominated by active-duty military. Hegar has obviously adopted the idea of “doors” as a theme for her campaign. The pop-up that appears when you visit her website says:

My whole life has been about opening, pushing, and sometimes kicking through every door in my way.

What kind of Democrat is it going to take to win TX-31? An ass-kicking, motorcycle-riding, Texas Democrat. And that’s exactly the kind of Democrat I am.

Ready for a Congress that opens doors for Americans instead of slamming them in our faces? Then join our campaign by donating today.

She also doesn’t back down at all on the issues. For example, a section on advocating for families and protecting our children’s future reads:

I aspire to leave [our children] a world in which they can breathe clean air, love whomever they want, choose what God they believe in, and safely express who they are.

Wishing her the best