Trump Upset He’s Not Getting Praise He Thinks He Deserves

Ken AshfordTrump & AdministrationLeave a Comment

What an ego.

This is what happens when you live in an echo chamber.  You say stuff like “if I end the Iran deal, it will make America safer” and you don’t need to support it because, in the echo chamber, all you hear back is “if Trump ends the Iran deal, it will make America safer”.  So you go ahead and do it, and that’s when you realize — or SHOULD realize (for the 100 millionth time) — that you live in an echo chamber and most people don’t agree with your “brilliant” (stupid) plan.  So who do you blame? The media.

He’s not wrong, by the way. Most of the coverage of Trump IS negative.

But most of the news is negative surrounding Trump is negative. That’s just the way his administration rolls.

And notice how anything negative about Trump is automatically “Fake.” So rather than have Sarah Huckabee Sanders run out every day and face, you know, questions … wouldn’t it be simpler to just take away the media’s credentials? Except, of course, for Fox News and select alt-right websites. Free up some space for the Enquirer.

Considering the facts only beginning to spill out about Michael Cohen and the millions that “Essential Consulting”—a company with no advertising, no web site, no office, no employees —somehow managed to pull in from Russian oligarchs, foreign corporations, and American companies with business before the Trump White House, this would seem like the ideal time to bring down the Trump Curtain.

Or better yet, in the interest of getting out all the non-fake news about the Cohen situation, please send Rudy Giuliani out to explain why people were paying that money to Cohen and where it was getting “funneled.” He could even start with a visit to Sean Hannity.

In the meantime, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will continue to produce the “best information available.” By which she means lies. And this seems like a day that’s going to require enough of that “best information” that the reporters should wear hip waders to the briefing room.