The Horrible Things The Trump Administration Is Doing That Are Unrelated To Scandals

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Sometimes, you forget that these people are just plain evil:

The Trump administration is moving to reverse Obama-era rules barring hunters on some public lands in Alaska from baiting brown bears with bacon and doughnuts and using spotlights to shoot mother black bears and cubs hibernating in their dens.

The National Park Service issued a notice Monday of its intent to amend regulations for sport hunting and trapping in national preserves to bring the federal rules in line with Alaska state law.

Under the proposed changes, hunters would also be allowed to hunt black bears with dogs, kill wolves and pups in their dens, and use motor boats to shoot swimming caribou.

These and other hunting methods — condemned as cruel by wildlife protection advocates — were outlawed on federal lands in 2015. Members of the public have 60 days to provide comment on the proposed new rules.

And a gift to the banks:

The U.S. House has approved a sweeping overhaul of bank regulations, sending to President Donald Trump a bill that will give him a chance to make good on his vow to “do a big number” on the Dodd-Frank Act.

Lawmakers voted 258-to-159 Tuesday to advance a measure that is the product of years of financial-industry lobbying to soften post-crisis rules and sensitive negotiations on Capitol Hill to attract bipartisan support needed to get it through the narrowly-divided Senate.

The legislation would be the most significant overhaul of banking oversight to become law since Dodd-Frank was enacted in 2010 and may represent Congress’s last shot at dialing back financial regulation before midterm elections in November.

And hurting healthcare by going after Planned Parenthood:

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced a change in the way Title X family-planning funds are distributed, stripping federal funding from women’s health clinics that either provide abortions or refer patients to abortion providers.

The $260 million proposal would require “a bright line of physical as well as financial separation” between programs supported by Title X funding and any that provide abortion care or make referrals for abortions, according to an administration official who spoke with the New York Times. In effect, the largest national reproductive health provider would lose millions that have been used to provide mostly low-income women with contraceptive care. Defunding Planned Parenthood and weakening abortion providers has long been a top priority for social conservatives, who are not satisfied with the current federal law that already bans direct funding of abortion procedures.

This is all just atrocious.