Trump Sees Pictures Of Syrian Chemical Attacks; Calls Out Putin By Name For The First Time

Ken AshfordSyria, Trump & AdministrationLeave a Comment

A lot of talk. We’ll see what Trump does.  When Obama was President, he tweeted that Obama should not do anything to get us involved in fighting Syria. Now (in a tweet not shown here), Trump blames Obama for not doing enough.

Syria has been a dystopian hellscape the entire time Trump has been in office. He believes that war should be “short and brutal” and should not spare civilians so this is frustrating to him because pictures of toddlers suffering and dying make him look bad. (He didn’t seem upset about nerve gas assassinations in England and there have other reports of similar attacks in Syria since he famously “became president” by ordering a bombing.)

He does not want any pictures of children dying from chemical attacks on the front pages or on cable news. He thought if he withdrew troops from Syria, Assad wouldn’t have to gas kids and it won’t be on the front page because he’d win and it would all be over. And then everything would be fine. Why did he have to go and screw up Trump’s plans?


Congress, which possesses the War Powers Act, is going to sit this one out, apparently.