Ronny Jackson Bows Out

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Although “the allegations against [him] are completely false and fabricated,” Dr. Ronny Jackson is withdrawing from consideration as the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those allegations, which come from more than 20 sources, include passing out drunk while on an overseas trip with then-President Barack Obama, drunkenly pounding on the door of a female employee while on an overseas trip with Obama, crashing a government car while under the influence, and over-prescribing himself and others.. Here’s his full statement:

It strains credulity that ALL of these allegations are false, given how they come from multiple sources. Trump is blaming Democrats in Congress, but they did not create these allegations, and moreover, if the White House had done any vetting, it would have discovered these allegations easily.

Frankly, he should not be head of the Veterans Administration for a reason having nothing to do with his alleged misconduct — the truth is he is uniquely unqualified.