March For Our Lives

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More than one million students all over the country staged a walkout at 10:00 am (in their respective time zones) and held vigil for the 17 students killed in Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

It was, many thought, the largest student walkout since the days of the civil rights demonstration

MSNBC devoted the full hour to the protest, not even breaking for commercials. CNN spent significant time on the story, interviewing students and highlighting the national nature of the movement. Fox News devoted only a couple of brief headline segments to the events.

There were moments of silence, die-ins, etc.

For the most part, school teachers and administrators were on board with the protest, except in the South where many schools forbid such a walkout.  In one such school, student stopped in the hallway at 10:00, gone on one knee, and prayed silently for 17 seconds.  Nice.

A successful day, summed up nicely by one of the Parkland high school shooting survivors.

Oh. I should have mentioned…. even younger kids took part.